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Webinar - Delft Tiles


In honor of Archaeology Month, Wexler Curatorial fellow, Corey Sattes, will explore Drayton Hall’s collection of delft tiles. Originating in the Netherlands in the early 1600s and later produced in England as well, delftware is most distinguishable by its soft paste and tin glazing. Earthenware tiles have a long history, dating back to the Romans, and their functions in homes evolved over time. By the time of Drayton Hall’s construction, delft tiles were placed on the interior of fire boxes to not only project heat into the room, but also to provide a decorative element. This webinar will discuss the history of this earthenware and the delft tile industry, particularly its use in colonial American homes, and examine the tiles from both the archaeological and decorative arts collections at Drayton Hall.Â

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