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Charleston Rice Spoon


 A Charleston tradition for every table, the Lowcountry rice spoon has been a “must have” in every household since the 18th century when rice was established as the primary cash crop in the Lowcountry. The large-bowled, long-handled design was historically used in England as a stuffing spoon, but in Charleston it was soon adapted to serve the “perfect portion of rice” at the traditional two o’clock dinner. Today, the spoon is a symbol of southern hospitality and is often passed down from generation to generation (and is frequently gifted to new brides).

 This Charleston Rice Spoon is silver plated in the traditional King’s Pattern, which was popular in the Lowcountry in the 18th century. Included with each spoon purchase is a descriptive insert, making it the perfect gift.


*Please note: the spoon does not ship with the pictured blue ribbon.

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