Drayton Hall

Webinar - Who Was Enslaved at Drayton Hall Part 4


Drayton Hall Curator of Education, Amber Satterthwaithe leads our webinar Who was Enslaved at Drayton Hall - Working on the Water.

Historic documents written at Drayton Hall reveal that the Ashley River and other Lowcountry waterways were vital to the commercial success of Drayton-owned plantations, and for many enslaved men, these waterways were where they spent much of their lives. Charles Drayton wrote about a complex hierarchy of skillful enslaved men whose jobs included sailing and caring for boats, transporting people and goods from one plantation to another, and delivering crops to market. Their work was essential not only to Charles Drayton's business endeavors, but to everyone living at Drayton Hall. Curator Amber Satterthwaite shares her research into the primary documents that demonstrate the magnitude of work done by men such as Patroon Jack and Captain Tim.

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