Drayton Hall

Webinar - Irrational Order: Constantinople to Drayton Hall


In 1453, the fall of Constantinople was one in a series of events that drastically altered the economic, political, and social conditions in Venice and the Veneto region of Northern Italy. In this time of upheaval and reorganization, Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) designed villas that helped impose a new order on the Italian countryside.

Two centuries later, John Drayton took residence in a newly constructed house modeled closely on Palladio’s villas, and it, too, helped him impose order upon the countryside. Though these buildings were constructed hundreds of years and thousands of miles apart, their similarities are striking.

Join Drayton Hall Curator, Trish Smith, for a sweeping discussion that will take us from conquest and advancing maritime technology in the Mediterranean to architecture and social history in the South Carolina Lowcountry.

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