The Garden Club of Charleston

The Gardeners' Guide for Charleston and The Lowcountry


First published in 1949 as a source of income to support Garden Club of Charleston projects, The Gardeners' Guide for Charleston and the Lowcountry also aims to promote an interest in gardening in general and provide information to beginning gardeners and newcomers to the area.  The guide is designed as a workbook for the active gardener.  

This edition represents a third significant revision of the book with updates reflecting current interests and gardening trends.  New chapters and charts have been added on citrus, herbs, palms, vegetables, etc.  The reader will enjoy the most up to date advice on growing old favorites such as roses and camellias, an expanded reference section, and commentary by experts in a variety of gardening fields. 

  • Paperback 
  • Spiral-bound
  • 162 pages

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