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A Charleston purveyor of tea and other 18th century beverages, Oliver Pluff & Company is reintroducing traditional English teas to the 21st century. First introduced from east Asia to western Europe in the 16th century, tea became a popular beverage in colonial America. In the 19th century Great Britain introduced tea plants into India and some of the most popular teas are combinations of Black (fully oxidized) teas from Asia, India, and Ceylon.

Packaged and labeled specifically for Drayton Hall, our English Breakfast Tea is a rich and mellow black tea blend which is complemented with milk and sugar. Our 3 oz. tins of teabags are imprinted with iconic Drayton Hall on the label and transports tea lovers back to 18th century where fine teas were diverse and well-appreciated.

Our Earl Grey is a Black Tea blend with a distinctive flavor and aroma derived from the addition of oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange, a fragrant citrus fruit. 

Choose from:

  • English Breakfast ( Crab and Coin )
  • Earl Grey (Delft)

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