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Shotwell Candy Co.

Handmade Caramels by Shotwell Candy Co.


 These melt in your mouth handmade caramels are made in Memphis, Tennessee by founder and owner Jerrod Smith, attorney turned candy maker, but we will let that slide despite our affinity for Charleston made goods.  These are too delicious to pass up - the whole bag will be gone before you know it.  Trust us when we say, you need to try them all.

Each 2.5oz pouch contains approximately 10 individually wrapped pieces. Our caramels are best fresh and should be consumed within 6 months.

Choose from 5 flavors:

  • Original Salted
  • Craft Beer & Pretzel
  • Bourbon Maple and Pecan
  • Hand Crushed Espresso Caramel
  • Tennessee Toffee
  • Old Fashioned

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