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Full Set: 21 George Edwards Watercolor Prints


The reproductions of the 21 George Edwards' ornithological watercolors, c. 1733, come from a larger portfolio originally composed of 48 drawings, once owned by John Drayton.  Such works, completed 10 years before the published etchings of the artist (known as the father of British ornithology), are the oldest of their type to survive in America.  In addition to their age and rarity, the watercolors are significant, as they demonstrate a close connection between Drayton and Edwards, linking Drayton to the European intellectual community of the 18th century.


  1. American Goldfinch
  2. White-throated Toucan
  3. Kingfisher
  4. Eastern Screech Owl
  5. Carolina Parrot
  6. Painted Bunting
  7. Eastern Meadowlark
  8. Black and White Chinese Pheasant
  9. Ivory-Billed Woodpecker
  10. Bald Eagle
  11. Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
  12. Gold-winged Woodpecker
  13. Red-winged Blackbird
  14. Indigo Bunting
  15. House Wren
  16. Crowned Crane
  17. Northern Cardinal
  18. Parrot with fruit
  19. Hummingbirds
  20. Fire Finches
  21. Blue Jay

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