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George Edwards Watercolors Calendar 2019


The 2019 An Agreeable Prospect: The Lenhardt Collection of George Edwards
Watercolors at Drayton Hall wall calendar contains the 12 George Edwards watercolor paintings showcased during the inaugural exhibit of the Gates Gallery in the Sally Reahard Visitors Center at Drayton Hall. The exhibit, An Agreeable Prospect: The Creation of a Colonial South Carolina Palace and Garden illustrates the story of the creation of Drayton Hall, the free and enslaved individuals who built the buildings, the slave-based society that made Drayton Hall possible, and the elaborate material culture that surrounded the Drayton family. In 1733, John Drayton (1715-1779) acquired a portfolio containing 48 ornithological watercolor paintings from George Edwards, the father of British ornithology. Drayton was only 18 at the time and the connection between Edwards and Drayton remains a mystery. The portfolio was rediscovered by the Drayton family in 1969 upon the death of Miss Charlotta Drayton (1884-1969). In 2009, 21 of the original 48 watercolors were acquired by Drayton Hall and make up The Lenhardt Collection of George Edwards
Watercolors at Drayton Hall.

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